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The group of people, that will take care of you, are all educated and have various degrees covering arts, sciences and engineering. Nevertheless, all of us are keen on learning more about philosophy, because we believe that it opens up your mind, allowing you to think about new possibilities for your specific profession and for your life. That's why the beloved donkey in our logo is looking at the world upside down. Looking for new inspiration and new ideas!

The English language will be used during courses. The teachers are fluent in English, some have Canadian education and citizenships.

Teachers who speak French and German will be available, to clarify general issues that you may not have understood in the English classes. We don't teach any dogmas. We place the questions and list a bunch of possible answers. Which of the answers did Socrates and Plato prefer amongst so many? We'll discuss logically about all these one million dollar questions with a sense of humour and a possitive attitude, looking for new ideas.

We are optimistic people!




Courses will be in English

  1. Yiannis Metaxas (M.Eng) - English
  2. Birgit (PhD) – German speaking for clarifications
  3. Sarantis (poet) – English
  4. Xanthipi (BA) - French speaking for clarifications
  5. D. Karadimitri (D.Eng) – English
  6. N. Plakas (MBa) – English
  7. Sigri museum of natural history - Geologists
  8. G. Petropoulos - (MA) Archeologist - French and English 
  9. Manolis (BA) - English
  10. R. Akalestou (PhD.) Artist - English 
  11. P. Papageorge - Greek folk dancing
  12. S. Lerta - (D.A. & M.Sc) Artist - English
  13. Irini Gonou - (D.A.) Artist - French
  14. Miltos Pantelias (D.A.) Artist - English

Walk and learn about the major greek philosophers and poets.

Sappho was born in Eresos Lesvos and soon became the greatest lyric poet of antiquity.

Aristotle and Theophrastos spent two years in Lesvos, studying the marine life, birds and animals in Kaloni lagoon and the sea of Lesvos, and biology and botanology were born.

Not to mention the art explosion during the years that followed the greek victory over the Persians 490 b.C.

Detailed weekly program is given in the beginning (view details). Apart from the philosophy courses, the great greek food at taverns and souvlaki shops right on the beach, the swimming in blue, clear waters, the hiking in desert-like terrain discovering small oases, the group discussions and ouzo drinking, the cheese and wine parties, the open air cinema, the museums and the wild storks, you will enjoy our humour and hospitality, safe holidays and at the same time learn new things in a unique way.


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