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Summer in Greece is an unbeatable experience by itself. Summer on the beaches of Athens and Lesvos island, with philosophy courses and great food is something else. Our hospitality remains famous through the centuries. So does our weather.

Our philosophy courses will talk about Pythagoras, Herakleitos, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Sappho the poet and Theophrastos who were born in Eresos.

We have a unique way to talk about serious stuff without getting you bored out!

In the Eresos program we take part in many local festivals and theatrical activities of the villagers in Eressos and neighboring village Sigri, Mesotopos and Antissa. On your free time you can go fishing, on boat trips, visit old monasteries, chase sheep in the fields, feed turtles in the small rivers, or just sit in the cafenio and watch everybody go around.

We take care there is always vegetarian food on the menus.

In the Athens program we will visit all the major archeological sites, swim on great beaches and eat greek food at beautiful places. Athens is just too interesting!

Philosophy books will be available to use in English and Greek. Our library is a living thing that grows continuously, with your help.

We publish our own books too.

We give you a chance to publish your own philosophical book or novel, if your story is outstanding, through "Donkey road publications" hard cover and e-book.

LESVOS ISLAND hospitals and nearest medical centers

  1. General Hospital of Mytilene, 1½ hours from Eresos village on the island, by car or ambulance.
  2. Medical Center Antissa village, ½ hour from Eresos village (special doctors)
  3. Basic Doctor & First aid center, Dentist, Cardiologist, and Pharmacy in Eresos and Skala Eresos villages.
  4. Skala Eresos has a helicopter landing spot.

 ATHENS has twenty major hospitals, all around the city.



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