Sun and mind!

Have your holidays in exotic Athens or on the beautiful sandy beaches of Lesvos island in Greece, and at the same time take some courses on Greek Art and Philosophy, made simple for you.

Walk & swim on the same beaches Plato, Sappho, Aristotle and Theophrastos did, 2500 years ago.

Feel the real Greek spirit. Open your mind and move your body with greek dances and symposiums!

Our special All inclusive package per person, couple, or family for Athens is active during September to June and for Eresos Lesvos is active during the hot months of July and August.

For health therapeutical toursm we offer hot spring and hamam all inclusive program in Mytiline Lesvos island active all year round.

We also offer an "olive" extravaganza all inclusive package in Kalamata Peloponnese, with ancient Spart just next door, active all year round.

Finally for art painting lovers we hold the special workshop, in Naxos Island in the Cyclades, active during July and August.

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Donkey Road offers you a weekly program with all the details figured out for you. You can book for less days or add more days as you like. The cost  to follow the complete daily program without hotel is 130,00 €/person/day for the Athens and  Eresos programs. Students get 20% discount. This includes all lectures, full meals, theaters, museums and trasportation in the city.. For only the art and philosophy classes the cost is 25,00€/person/day.

For Naxos art program and the hot spring all inclusive program in Mytiline Lesvos the cost is 190 €/day/person including 3 star hotel.

We note that the program is liable to small changes according to availability.

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In the Athens program you can choose between 4 all inclusive packages (includes complete daily program with activities and full meals and hotel).

  • Luxury hotel package at 285,00€/person/day.
  • 5 star hotel package at 225,00€/person/day.
  • 4 star hotel package at 190,00€/person/day.
  • 3 star hotel or apartment package at 160,00€/person/day.

In the Eresos program you can choose between village house or room in a small hotel (Galini, Iliotropio etc). Our all inclusive package is at 160,00€/person/day. For Naxos art work shop the cost is 190 €/day/person for 3 star hotel. Kalamata olive program at the price is at 160€/day/person for 3 star hotell all year round.  Students & chilldren under 16 get 20% discount, children under 6 free for both programs.  Ask us for details and photographs of the available residents.


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