In the Athens program you can choose between 4 all inclusive packages (includes complete daily program with activities and full meals and hotel).

  • Luxury hotel package at 285,00€/person/day.
  • 5 star hotel package at 225,00€/person/day.
  • 4 star hotel package at 190,00€/person/day.
  • 3 star hotel or apartment package at 160,00€/person/day.

In the Eresos program you can choose between village house or room in a small hotel (Galini, Iliotropio etc). Our all inclusive package is at 160,00€/person/day. For Naxos art work shop the cost is 190 €/day/person for 3 star hotel. Kalamata olive program at the price is at 160€/day/person for 3 star hotell all year round.  Students & chilldren under 16 get 20% discount, children under 6 free for both programs.  Ask us for details and photographs of the available residents.


You can select between a luxury hotel or 3-5 star hotel in your package according to your budget. Ask for details and availability.

Of course the idea which Donkey Road is promoting for housing and sleeping of our guests is simple. One, two or three room apartments, with artistic  facilities, in nice areas of Athens, where local people walk around.

In this way we take care of you all day round and you can enjoy local colour, philosophy made simple, privacy, and all the important tourist attractions. With no typical attitude, we make you feel comfortable and safe in greek hands, providing our teachers and guides.

We'll try to fulfill some of your crazy demands, but we'll definately fulfill your logical ones, weather you stay in a hotel or an appartment. 

Our luxury hotel package covers the Grand Britain, Athens Lydra Hotel, King George.

Our 4-5 star hotel package covers hotel Athens Hilton, Divani Caravel, NJV Athens Plaza, Titania, Intercontinental,  Periscope  Hera, Herodion Plaka Hotel, Athens Gate, Magna Grecia, Hermes, Athens Cypria, Electra Palace, Adrian Hotel, New Hotel, Cocomat Hotel etc.

Our 3-4 star hotel package covers hotel Acropolis House, Arethusa Hotel, George LycabettusAdonis, Niki Hotel, Phaedra, Central etc.

Finally our 2-3 star hotel or  apartments package covers very many hotels Minavra, Bobis, Hotel Cecil, Erecthion, Phidias, Tempi, Attalos  etc.

We conserve as much as we can, water resources or energy and recycle our trash. Fans are usually ok for the hot afternoons, but if you wish air-conditioning can be available.

 In Athens luxury, 5 star, 4 and 3 star hotels are provided in Plaka area or by the coast.

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