about us & our weather

We are a group of people in our forties and fifties who have travelled quite a lot in our lives. During the traveling years we got the idea of having holidays and at the same time learn about the major historical and philosophical features the people you visit, are proud of.

So, Yiannis Metaxas and his friends got to work and created the Donkey Road experience, which introduces the major greek philosophers while swimming in the great blue waters of the Aegean sea. We love great weather! We love donkeys! We love folk dancing. 

The donkeys in older times always opened the best paths through difficult terrain. Later man opened big roads usually on donkey paths. Who is the wiser road designer?? 

We offer you our all inclusive program in Athens during May, June and September, October when the weather is perfect. During the hotter months of July and August we hold our program in cooler Eresos on Lesvos island

Waiting to see you too.

  • No hurricanes, twisters or tsunamis
  • Mainly sunny (99%)
  • Chances of rain (1%)
  • Winds North (Meltemi) 4 to 7 Bf mainly (15-30 mph)
  • Beaches to be visited face South and West. Nice red sunsets in the sea
  • Temperature day 32°C – 36°C , night 22°C – 30°C (mainly)
  • Sea temperature 20°C – 22°C (mainly), cool
  • No tides, no sharks
  • No annoying humidity
  • Clean air, smell of thyme and oregano.
  • Few mosquitos – simple citronella protection is sufficient
  • For fishing, very easy access, no large waves
  • For painting the light is just perfect

The village where you will have a unique greek philosophy holiday is Eresos, on the west side of Lesvos island in Greece,and is near the famous petrified forest at Sigri. The Aegean sea is crystal clear and the island is close to Ayvalik Turkey, which you can get to in about one hour by boat. The poet Sappho and the philosopher Theophrastos were born here. Near Eresos is a summer village right on the beach, called Skala Eresos, where people live only during the summer.

Eressians are shepards, farmers, fishermen, but also doctors, lawyers, teachers and businessmen. Many now live in Athens or abroad in the USA, Canada, Australia and England, but eventually come back every summer for their vacations. This creates a unique environment, where local greek people together with foreign tourists blend under the sun and enjoy the fun, exchanging cultures.

The historical city of Athens was founded in the 14th century b.C.

Since then it has been continuously in the front page of the international media. Many times because of glorious victories and many times because of destruction.

The ruins that have survived all this incredible activity, you can see in the archeological sites and museums. But you cannot see the philosophy, the mentality of the people and the greek way of life, so easily. That’s why “Donkey Road” gives you this unique opportunity, to see mythical Athens, swim in ancient beaches, take some philosophy classes, live and eat with the greeks, enjoy our laughter and open heart !

The “Donkey Road” experience, gives you summer holiday fun and relaxation blended with philosophy, greek theatre, folk dances, greek music and rock nights. Not to mention the great food.

Athens is a very live and interesting city with beautiful beaches and many bars and clubs, so people party up to five in the morning!

The excellent weather helps a lot, allowing you to enjoy everything pleasantly, without heat waves, annoying humidity, rain, typhoons etc. That's why our Athens program is held during June (28-32°C) and September (28-33°C), with the best weather in the world!

Athens is a big city of about 3.500.000 people, but in our hands it becomes a village to enjoy.

Our all inclusive weekly program, guarantees you a beautiful holiday for the mind and body, in the city of Plato and Socrates.

To see our Athens weekly program, please click “View details”. You will visit and feel the very best of the city, feel safe and save time with our friendly guides. Transportation to meet the program is provided by us free using cars, mini bus and metro.

Detailed information about who we are, our philosophy courses, teachers, guides and activities, you can find in other sections of this site, and in our facebook page.

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